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Kenta challenges Takumi to a battle on Myogi, although the battle doesn’t last long due to Takumi’s sheer skill. Because of his defeat, Kenta keeps training, at one point copying Takumi’s Blind Attack , in hope that he may one day be able to rematch Takumi and win, something that is unlikely. Takumi compares Kenta to Itsuki at one point, likely due to his relationship with Keisuke. Takumi heads to the gas station, and talks with Itsuki and Iketani about the battles with Spiral. Iketani mentions that the SpeedStars are all going to be there to cheer him on at his final race, as they have cleared it with Yuichi. Takumi and Mika head on a date, first eating at McDonalds before heading to the golf centre that Mika practices at.

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He meets his match when a genius investigator named L starts to close in on him with his own mind games, propelling the show into a dark, suspense-heavy cat-and-mouse chase for the ages. Running long-distance races isn’t easy, yet Kanna doesn’t collapse out Download Link of exhaustion, but instead because she is grieving her mother, who used to encourage her at the finish line before her death. Along the way, Child of Kamiari Month dramatizes the interplay between deities in the forms of dragons, cows, rabbits, and more. Keep a Wikipedia tab open to read up, if you’d like. Muscle cars, burly swordmasters, guts, and cyberpunk ultraviolence define practically every moment of this 40-minute extended music video from Sturgill Simpson and XX. Like Daft Punk and Linkin Park before him, the outlaw country musician partnered with respected anime creators on his way to branching out.

Behind the closed doors of their society has unimaginable secrets. I mentioned it briefly earlier, but I can’t help but reiterate how much I LOVED the pacing of the show. Usually with these types of adaptations we would get 1-3 volumes for 12 episodes. For a series like 86 which is quite frankly extremely dense, this would have been a disaster. Doing the first volume, at a rate of one chapter per episode and with the quality we got artistically with amazing character designs, the best CGI I’ve ever seen, etc etc., perfection.

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  • At that moment, Alberto suddenly arrives with an umbrella to help Luca, but Ercole trips him up, revealing his sea monster form.
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Emma Berman suggested that the sequel feature Luca being accepted closer to Giulia’s family and show how he is treated in school. Jack Dylan Grazer wanted to see Alberto suddenly attend school and take a home economics class after somehow getting married in Portorosso. Jim Gaffigan stated that the sequel could see Lorenzo and Daniela trying to adjust to human life in Portorosso, only to end up in the bustling city. In Portorosso there are some posters advertising the movies La Strada and Roman Holiday; a poster in the Portorosso plaza is also very similar to a poster for 1954’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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Tachi manages to regain his lead, by lightly tapping against him to move him off of his line and slow him down, allowing him through. It takes all Takumi has to keep up with his opponent, and he attempts a second blind attack as they near the finishing line. Takumi focuses on the headlights of his opponents car instead of its taillights, in an attempt to find the line.

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Try these troubleshooting ideas in order because you might fix the issue faster than expected. While Plastic Memories had the potential to be a unique and intelligent show, it instead managed to encompass all of the things that ruin dramas and cause them to fail every time. Shallow characters defined entirely by their archetypes or tragic backstories? While this anime showed flashes of good ideas and has its moments, its poor execution dooms it to be lost among the sea of poorly written, mediocre emotion porn. Overall, Plastic Memories is an anime which you will probably be given a very different impression of depending on your expectations on it. Yes, but it’s a completely different anime from what you’re most likely anticipating when you start watching it.