Why You Need An Inspection On Your Condo

Looking after the excellent running of a condominium is crucial throughout the year, and beginning to worry from the outset guarantees a protected place and preventing problems during the next 365 days. In any building, whether houses or commercial real estate, this inspection is necessary, and in several municipalities and Brazilian states, required by law; but in buildings, this is all the more important because of the benefits of prevention. Over the years, it is natural that buildings deteriorate, which demands an ever closer look at any problem that may arise, that is why Condo inspection and acceptance services (ตรวจรับคอนโด which is the term in thai) to keep the condo in check.

Why An Inspection Is Needed

Serious building problems such as rusting and rust corrosion on the iron armor of pillars, slabs, and beams, as well as defects in waterproofing areas, which cause leaks that make the condominium water bill more expensive should be attended to. All these aspects of the building must have priority in the building inspection because any defect in these areas can be a significant headache for the liquidator and condominium owners.

Even with these inspections done by professionals, periodic maintenance needs to be performed by the building’s trustee or janitor every month or at least every three months. We list some of the main areas that deserve attention in condominiums, especially in the annual building check-up, with the objective of the recording and analyzing everything that exists in the condo, both documentary, and infrastructure:

  • Leaks in common areas
  • Swimming pools, saunas, and playground
  • Lifts
  • Gardens
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Electrical, gas and hydraulic installations
  • Occasional and frequent leaks

In the structure, items such as facade, common areas, terrace and safety equipment, as well as hydraulic, electric, and gas parts, should be checked. In the documentary part, it is fundamental to the verification of the documentation that proves the accomplishment of the essential services and technical certifications of the condominium. As crucial as the inspection is the professional inspection, which verifies the conditions of conservation, stability and safety, ensuring the execution of repair measures when necessary, and must be carried out by an engineer, architect or company legally qualified in the respective Professional Councils, which will prepare the technical report attesting the conditions of conservation, stability and safety of the building.