Where To Eat in Puerto Escondido?

Puerto Escondido is one of the most popular and attractive travel locations in southwestern Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. It shares its coast with the Pacific and has the perfect escape time for beach lovers. It has made a name for itself for its pristine beaches and the beautiful attractions that surround the place. You can also enjoy the very luxurious nightlife and take part in adventure activities in Puerto Escondido. If you are looking for the best puerto escondido restaurant to eat, then check out these top recommendations on this list.

  • Costeñito Cevichería – one of the best places in Puerto Escondido where you can eat delicious fish, this is a top restaurant in this area. Their menu consists of some of the best fish items that you have ever tested in your life. Especially their Grilled Fish which is priced at 400 pesos is something to die for. It is very delicious and comes with potatoes, salad, and other items. One single plate can be filling for two. The place also has a nice ambience and friendly crown throughout the day.
  • El Cafecito – if you are traveling to Puerto Escondido and want to do some amazing breakfast, then El Cafecito is your best bet on this. The first meal of the day should always be special and they make sure you enjoy a very delicious breakfast always. The huevos Oaxaqueños are their specialty. It is eggs cooked in tomato sauce & topped with spice quesillo. Refried beans, some totopo chips, and tortillas also come along with this order. Or you can just sip on to their fantastic coffee and enjoy the sunrise by the sea beach.
  • Coco Fish Zicatela – anyone who loves to eat good quality seafood in Puerto Escondido should head to the Coco Fish Zicatela. Most of their orders come with rice, salad, and fruits as well. For just a mere 200 pesos, you can try their high quality shrimp dishes or any other seafood that you are fascinated to eat. Each item on their great menu is delicious and you can accompany them with refreshing beverages and mocktails too. The Spicy fish and Octopus stir-fry with rice, at Coco Fish are a must try.
  • Espadin Restaurant a wonderful place where you can sit back and enjoy the sunset while sipping on your favorite drinks, Espadin Restaurant should be on the list. The restaurant cum bar is surrounded by aesthetic views that can help your photographs with a really good background. Their guacamole & grilled octopus are the best dishes here. You can also order their very delicious margarita and rejuvenate yourself. Sit under the cabana and spend your whole day at this place for a fun time.
  • Dan’s Café Deluxe – another really cool place where you can get away from the hustle of the city and spend some very peaceful time with your loved ones. Dan’s Cafe is also an ideal place to drop by if you are looking for a breakfast or quick meal during the day. Their wide range of assortments are really the best you can get in this area. Try out their French Toast, omelette with mashed potatoes, enchiladas and also the hot cakes.

So, here are the top restaurants where you can have a wonderful time eating your favorite cuisines and try out the local stuff. There are even more options for eating out when you are in Puerto Escondido, but these are the places which we believe to stand out from others. Make sure to check out their menu before you visit them and decide if it’s good for you or not.