What Will A Transgender Escort Prefer From Customers?

Many men choose a transgender escort to engage in anal penetration and reach their G-spot [male equivalent]. Even heterosexual couples engage in ‘pegging’, where the female puts on a dildo and penetrates her male partner anally. Some men cannot practice this with their female, so they choose to go with a transgender escort. 

If you are new to escort service, especially in hiring or getting entertained by a transgender for a couple of hours, then first visit a reliable escort agency in your locality. In Paris, LOveSita is an escort agency that holds three kinds of transgender escorts – Active, Passive and Versatile. The former one is bisexual, the middle-one has undergone hormonal treatment and the last type is both.

As a beginner, you may be wondering what a transgender escort will prefer…..       

Top or bottom

Male Tran’s Feminine is assumed to play the role of women in the bedroom. It generally means being the receiver or on the bottom. Sexuality attracts everyone. Many people will find the idea to be on the bottom with an escort appealing. 

A born female may never like the idea to use strap dildo and penetrate a male. You must expect a transgender to possibly be in a denial mode for this activity. This is not a normal practice for females, so you will need to specify this in advance with the transgender to make sure it is available.

Bottoming is entertaining for many men, who desire to be submissive. They fantasize to be penetrated by a natural penis rather than a plastic replica. There are many escorts, who will willingly engage as a top. Make sure to research what measures need to be taken being a bottom.

Is foreplay crucial?

Even with a trans-escort indulge in foreplay prior you get down. Good foreplay will make a huge difference between mind-blowing and satisfying encounter. A little intimate touch with plenty of arousals creates a relaxed environment at the start, which builds up slowly and turns very horny before moving towards the main activity. 

Few foreplay tips

  • You are tempted to go directly to the obvious organs for final arousal but foreplay helps to create the mood, so try unexpected areas. Give some time to your body to get aroused and you may unlock some surprisingly sexy areas. 
  • Allow the escort to excite the less common parts like give a head massage, or caress your earlobes or kiss your neck. Sensuous touches along with dirty talks will arouse you more and more.
  • If you get turned on seeing a gorgeous lady in lingerie, then let the trans-escort know. They will certainly put efforts to please you as much as they can. 
  • Arousal can help you get the best orgasm, so engage in foreplay.

If you desire to have a trans-escort stay overnight, then ask them upfront. In regards to cost, every escort set their own price. The chances that booking for multiple hours can lessen the rate than regular hourly prices. Ask the potential escort!