What is ไพ่แคง?

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ไพ่แคง are a famous online game throughout the world here some of the features of cards.


When it comes to the rummy type of games you will be given a face-down card. And it depends on how many people are playing the game, if two people play each gets 10 cards when three or four play each gets seven cards. The rest of the cards after sharing will be placed on a table that is stock. If only two people play one pick a card from the stock and the winner of each deal will be the next and when two people play that deal will be passing on. Here you need to make a sequence of cards.


Players will be able to draw the top cards of stock or they can take the top card of the discarded one and can add, from any matched set player can lay down card which is face-up, or one needs to discard his card which is face-up if they don’t want to lay down from matched set.

Laying off 

One can add one or more to any matched set which is on the table, for example, if you are having 10, 9, 8 then you made J, 7.

Game end

If all the cards are matching in your hand you win, if the last card in stock was drawn, and even if the game doesn’t end, then you may form a new stock.

Score Management

Think before you discard a card on the table while playing you find every player with their strategy so make sure that your cards are safe in your hand and if probabilities of matching any card are more then don’t drop it.

Shuffles in ไพ่แคง

The BlackJack shuffle

In this shuffling you find the least damage to the cards, here you need to make the deck into 2 stacks which should be equal and placed horizontally where corners are placed towards you.

Then at those two corners place your thumbs, and index fingers on the opposite side and you must have a good grip on cards for shuffling. If you hold it loose you can’t shuffle them.

The Strip Shuffle

Hold a deck of cards in your hand, the side which is closest to you should grasp them with thumbs.

Pick a few cards from the deck with your right hand and on the left hand hold the rest of the cards for further shuffling. Then at the middle, bottom, top you need to place the small section of cards, the deck should be squared and with various sections of the deck repeat it 4 to 5 times.

Payouts of the ไพ่แคงgames

For an ordinary card  1:0.97 times.

For three cards 1:2 times.

For playing cards 1:4 times.

For color cards 1:4 times.

For baking cards 1:5 times.

For four cards 1:6 times.

For straight flush cards 1:7 cards.

  • You have to first enter into the game and access it for gaming.
  • Then choose any online card game on the website.
  • Choose your card room for playing.
  • Start the game.
  • Start moving one card and have fun playing.
  • Now one can start betting.
  • According to the payout rate, you will get prize money.

  Roll Dice Enjoy   น้ําเต้าปูปลา

It is the most famous gaming in casinos around the world let’s check what it is and how to play it.

To play a game simple, and convenient on any device where you should first spend a minimum of 5 baht and a maximum of thousands. It is a game that purely depends on luck and just thinks before you bet to earn more while gaming.