What are the players in the broadcasting arena before IPTV?

Technology has developed a lot and now, you can use a smart IPTVto watch movies, television shows, channels, live telecasts, news, sports, and much more. You can do so even with your mobile or a laptop. However, the broadcasting business was not the same until a few years back. In this article, let us discuss the various types of media broadcasting other than iptv subscribtion in brief.

Various types of media broadcasting other than IPTV

Satellite television – If you look at the history of television broadcasting, satellite television would be the pioneer. In this method of telecast, the content creators would submit their work to the television broadcasters and they would send the content as the signals to the satellites left to roam in the orbit of the earth. The satellites would divert these data packets to every household. However, televisions could not catch these signals themselves. So, there would be a receiver antenna. This antenna would catch the data packets and start the decoding process. Now, your television would get the signals and start telecasting the program as sent by the content head. Although it is the pioneer of television broadcasting, you could not find the usage of satellite television for the most part in the current situation.

Cable television – It would be of no surprise if you use cable television now as it is currently being used for the transmission of digital media content in most developing countries. Unlike satellite systems, here, there will not be any interactions between the broadcaster and the satellites in the orbit. Instead, there would be a middleman who helps in bridging the gap between the broadcaster and the user. The broadcasters would deliver their content after shooting and editing processes to these cable operators. They would have a setup capable of encoding the entire files and transferring them via cables to every user. Fiber optic cables and coaxial cables are used to transfer this data to the user. There is no necessity for an antenna at the receiving end. The cable connected to your television would do the necessary tasks and your programs would start running.

OTT platforms – If you have a mobile with an internet connection, you can subscribe to an OTT platform and enjoy high-quality media content forever. It is a new concept similar to an IPTV system using the internet to transfer the data of movies, television shows, and other content. They have a subscription model and you should pay the premium every month to watch the content. Also, the content available would not be original all the time. These platforms would negotiate with the film producers and buy the rights for the films and television shows. They would store them in their database. Whenever a user clicks on a particular movie, the content head would encode the data and send it via the internet. The device will play the movie for the user. The user will have the luxury of controlling the video, unlike live television.