What are some of the weird themes on slot machines?

The gameplay of online slots

You can see slot machine games on almost all the online casino websites such as slotxo. The gameplay of online slots is simple. Your objective will be to guess the correct combination of characters that will fall under the pay line once after the spin of the reels stops. If you have chosen the right symbol, you will win the payout. There will be several types of slot machine games that will differ slightly from each other. Apart from the difference in gameplay, there will be another difference based on the themes on the machines. In this article, let us discuss themed slots in brief. 


Different themes used on slot machine games


In ancient times, reel slots had generic characters on them. They had fruits and vegetables, lines and shapes, and the likes. But as the game became more popular, there arose a need for innovation in the setup to attract more players. So, casinos came up with the concept of using specific themes on slots. These machines will have all the characters, music, sound effects, and animations, all related to a particular theme, out of the casino. Some of the popular themes of slot machines are as below,


Egyptian backdrop – Everybody will be interested in knowing about the mysteries and traditions of another unknown region in the world. Egypt is such a country that has too many stories and facts that will attract more people. You can find the use of Egyptian references in movies and novels. Likewise, casinos also started to get more customers using the country’s elements as themes on slot machines. 


Real-life adventure – It is the most fascinating experience to enjoy a virtual action that you cannot do in your real life. So, some slots will have these not-possible adventures like escaping from a dinosaur or finding a treasure in a haunted house. Many players give it a try on these slots for the experience it provides. If you are playing on a forest-based theme, you will have the feeling of being inside the land of animals and birds. You will hear roars of lions and songs of birds, along with the sound effects of trees. 


Movie-based – There will only be a handful of people in this world who do not watch movies. So, movies have a greater impact on people outside the gambling world. Movie characters inspire youngsters, anime characters attract kids, emotional storylines connect with adults, and there is much more. Hence, slots machines adopted the concept of movie-landscape themes to attract more people who are movie-buffs in real life. 


Monster escape – Be it mobile games or any other video games, most of them will have the backdrop of escaping from a monster. It is one of the mandatory concepts in all fields of entertainment. Hence, casinos also accepted it as a theme for online slots. The reels will have symbols of monsters, armors, weapons, and many others. It is also attracting more gamblers to give a try for the game.