Want to be a minimalist? Start by getting rid of excess items

Living a minimalist lifestyle appeals to a lot of people. You can reach a certain stage in your life when you feel like there’s too much clutter in your home, and you want to get rid of some of it. If you want to be a minimalist, you first need to get your home in order and cut down on clutter. You’re likely to have plenty of items that you can dispose of, store or give away. Being a minimalist is all about only having what you need, and you can find that there are plenty of things that aren’t necessary and that you never use.

Think About What You Do and Don’t Use

Start your decluttering journey by thinking on a practical level. Consider what you do use and don’t use. Have you worn that shirt in the last year? Do you ever really use those fancy kitchen gadgets that you bought, or did you just try them out once? It’s not always easy to be honest with yourself, and you might tell yourself that you will make use of something eventually. But it’s important to be tough and to try your best to deal with anything that’s not offering a practical or functional benefit to your life.

Use the KonMari Method

As well as thinking in practical terms, you can take a more emotional approach to decluttering your home. Anyone who knows about Marie Kondo knows that she says you should get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” in your life. If you have items in your home that don’t bring you happiness and are of no use to you, you don’t need to keep them. Getting rid of these items will free up space and help you to start living the minimalist lifestyle without all of the clutter.

Decide What to Keep or Toss

Even though there are some things that you might not want to keep in your home, you might not want to get rid of them. You could have some items that you use occasionally, but not enough to have them at home all the time. Or you might have stuff that has sentimental value but that you don’t want to clutter up your space. On the other hand, there could be plenty of things that you can sell, throw away, recycle or donate. Decide what to keep and what you’re ready to let go of.

Use a Storage Unit to Make It Easier

Renting a storage unit can make it easier to get rid of some of your things. You can use the unit for organisation, giving you a space to spread out some of your things and look at everything properly. You can then use the storage unit to store anything that you no longer want to keep at home. Take a look at the storage units in Horsham offered by Henfield Storage to see the different sizes of storage unit that you can use.

Get rid of your excess items and you can begin a new minimalist way of life.

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