Violet wide neck jars are perfect to improve your health

You may be wondering how the container of a food product can help you improve your health. Have you noticed those black wide neck jars on the pharmacy or supermarket shelf? They are made of a material called violet glass or miron glass and they are not exactly black but dark violet. More and more companies are choosing to keep their products contained under the protection of violet glass. From fitness supplements to products such as tea and coffee, violet glass wide neck jars are here to stay. The violet color helps filter sunlight. Only UV, violet and infrared rays pass through the glass. These rays help products keep fresher for longer without losing their natural properties.

Benefits of using violet wide neck jars in your daily life

We have always bought the products we consume for their health benefits. Very few people stop to analyze the effects that the jars have on the shelf life and effectiveness of the products. Violet glass or miron glass allows the products inside to be more natural by requiring less or no preservatives. If you are a health nut, you will know how detrimental preservatives can be to your health. Another great advantage is that the product inside the violet wide neck jars does not lose its physical or chemical properties. Every time you open the jar, it’s just like the first time. No, we are not kidding. Studies conducted by Professor Hugo Niggli have shown that violet light keeps the molecular structure of the substances contained inside the violet glass jar intact.

Naturally fresh and durable

There are food products such as coffee and tea leaves that oxidize in the presence of sunlight. This oxidation deteriorates the aroma, taste and color of these products. No one wants to have a bad smelling or unpleasant tasting coffee or tea in the morning. We want to be happy with our first cup of coffee or tea. It is well known that substances like coffee or tea require special storage to help them keep their strong aromas and flavors consistent. If you want to smile every morning and enjoy a cup with an excellent aroma and flavor, containers made of violet glass or miron glass are your best option. Remember that they not only keep your natural products for much longer but also preserve their chemical and physical properties.

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