Top benefits of palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is a plant oil extracted from the kernel (or nut) of the palm fruit. Unlike red palm oil, which is red, palm kernel oil is black and has a characteristic smell and taste similar to that of nutty flavor such as from toasted sesame oil. It is semi-solid at room temperature and more saturated compared to palm oil.

But what is palm oil? It is a plant oil obtained from the pulp of the oil palm fruit. Both vegetable oils have invaluable health benefits hence their marketability on EPOA. However, this article will look into the top benefits of palm kernel oil.

Cholesterol free

Palm kernel oil has zero cholesterol levels making it ideal for coronary heart disease patients and high cholesterol people. 

Has healing properties

Palm kernel oil is a great remedy for preventing convulsions in epileptic patients. 

It has a longer shelf life

This oil can be stored longer than other vegetable oils. Combined with low market price and heat stability, it is ideal for use in commercial cooking since it resists oxidation under high temperatures and long storage periods.  

Rich source of vitamin K

Palm kernel oil contains vitamin K that is important for healthy bone development. Additionally, vitamin K acts as an essential fat-soluble vitamin in our bodies, forming a coagulation factor necessary for clotting blood. It also catalyzes the carboxylation of glutamic acid residues on coagulation proteins. 

Helps in detoxification

In this day and age, healthy living is on the lips of most people. Detoxing is one of the ways people embrace a healthy lifestyle. Palm kernel oil helps purify every cell in the body and flush out toxins from our bodies.

Softens the skin and prevents aging

Most soap and body cream industries use palm kernel oil in their manufacture due to its ability to make the skin soft without leaving a greasy appearance. It is also known to relieve ragged cuticles and reduce skin itchiness. 

To raise the game a notch higher, vitamin E in palm kernel oil, together with antioxidants, acts as anti-aging regimens. They help slow down aging by preventing sagging and wrinkled skin appearance. Research also shows that this vegetable oil offers protection against UV rays.

Controls blood pressure

Palm kernel oil is also ideal for people with hypertension. It helps control the flow of blood throughout the body, therefore, keep blood pressure low. 

Increases hair growth

Well, it doesn’t get better until it does. Palm kernel oil is believed to be a natural remedy to stunted hair growth. Its nutrients thicken the hair strands, thereby preventing hair breakage. 

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