The Scholarship Guide For Entrepreneurs By Mark Mariani Armonk


There are a lot of opportunities out there for high school and college students, but none is more promising than the chance to get the money you need for your education through scholarships. 

Scholarships have been around since ancient Greece and Rome, offering financial assistance to students with academic merit. 

Today, they’re a billion-dollar industry that helps both students and universities fill their coffers with cash and it’s an opportunity for everyone from high school sophomores to doctoral candidates.

Don’t Let Fear Run Your Business

There are many things that can hold you back from starting a business and one of the biggest is fear, the fear that your idea won’t work, or that people won’t like it, or that it will fail and then you’ll run out of money and time.

This is natural; everyone has some level of anxiety about these things, but if you let those fears run your business, then they will stop you from ever getting started in the first place.

Instead, think about how much fun it would be if everything worked out exactly as planned? And imagine how proud you’d feel when people compliment your work and maybe even ask for advice. If this sounds good to you if there’s even just a little part inside of yourself saying yes please then don’t let fear run your life.

What Is A Scholarship And Why Should You Apply For One

A scholarship defined by Mark Mariani Armonk is a financial award for students that helps pay for school and scholarships are often merit-based, but many are need-based as well.

Scholarships can be offered by colleges, universities, companies and organizations and many scholarships are open to students from all over the world.

How To Find The Right Scholarship

Finding the right scholarship per se by Mark Mariani Armonk is a matter of matching your skills and interests with the requirements of each scholarship. Whether you’re looking for money to pay for college, graduate school or vocational training, there are many scholarships out there that can help you achieve your goals. 

How To Write A Winning Application Essay

A scholarship essay is your chance to show off your personality and skills and it’s an opportunity to be creative, honest and personal and showcase why you want to pursue the field of study.

A good scholarship essay will include:

  • A strong opening line that grabs the reader’s attention with a compelling story or fact
  • A clear thesis statement or two or three that supports your argument
  • An interesting anecdote or example from real life
  • A thoughtful conclusion that wraps up all the ideas presented throughout the essay

How To Get The Most Out Of The Money You Earn From Scholarship

  • Don’t take a year off from school, travel around the world, and then come back and try to use your scholarship money for tuition unless you were accepted into one of those fancy gap year programs
  • Don’t use your scholarship money as an excuse not to work during school you will never learn how much you actually need it until after graduation


If you’re looking for a way to finance your education, then scholarships can be an excellent source of funding and you just need to know how to find them and apply for them correctly as well as the information in this guide will help you do both.