The Precious Gift Of Gold


Gold is rare and it has always been a precious metal to give. Giving gold is not just impressive, but it is the kind of gift that can be cherished for a long time. Gold is special and because of this it is the kind of gift people get their loved ones to show how much they are treasured. Gold is used to commemorate important ceremonies, to bring a special kind of magic to certain traditions like weddings and Christmas. The gift of gold transcends the material value of the actual amount of gold contained in a piece. Most gifts of gold are made in the form of jewellery, however gold bullion bars and coins can make great impressive gifts too.

So which gold bars can you buy from a bullion dealer as gifts for your loved one?

PAMP is a prestigious Swiss brand of 99.99% pure gold bars. Their 1oz  minted gold bars make an ideal gift. The bards are presented in a stylized presentation card or a traditional rugged gild bar stamped with individual serial numbers. PAMP alsoproduces Tola denominated gold bars that come in affordable size from 50 gram to 100 gram weights. There are also a series of smaller minted gold bars like 10 gram bars that make great gifts and are attractively priced. These are infinitely more impressive to give than mass produced gold jewellery that floods the market at this time of year.

Combi-gold or Multi-gold bars consist of a series of detachable gold bars that can be gifted individually. German gold refiner Heraeus Gold produces 10 gram MultiDisc gold bars that are presented as 10 individually minted 1 gram bars stored and displayed in a beautifully crafted, rotatable and tamper-proof container. The design of the MultiDisc gold bars allows for the dispensing of 1 gram gold bars that you can give to a series of recipients. These bars aren’t only beautifully crafted but they are made from precious, high quality 99.99% gold.

The famous Swiss refinery, Valcambi Refinery also makes its own multi gold bars. Valcambi’s 50 gram Gold CombiBar comprises of 50 1 gram gold bars the size of a credit card. They can easily fit into any wallet. Each of the constituent 1 gram Gold CombiBars are held together by groves within a larger bar. These individual bars can be detached and given as individual gifts. Each bar is engraved withe the Valcambi logo, the weigh and fineness of the gold so that even when detached from the larger bar, each credit card-sized CombiBar carries the refinery’s guarantee of authenticity.

If you are looking for gold bullion coins to buy as gifts, then choose the world’s most highly regarded gold bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf coin, made by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin comes in four sizes: from the small 0.1 ounce coin to, the 0.25 ounce, the 0.5 ounce and the 1 ounce coin. It is a beautiful coin that comes in a beautiful attractive package. The best thing is, there is a coin for different price ranges.

Another prestigious gold coin is the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin made by the Austrian Mint. Thisonly comes as a 1 ounce coin. The coin commemorates the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra famous for its New Year’s eve concerts in Austria. If you love classical music or if you know someone who will appreciate the significance of a the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra immortalised in gold, then this is a great present to get.

There are plenty more gold coins that you can buy as giftslike the Australian Kangaroo or better still one of the Australian Chinese Lunar coins to commemorate a birthday, or a special year. Shop around. Speak to a gold bullion dealer such as Brisbane Gold Company and find something that is unique and suits your needs and your pocket.