Most of the world is aware of the normal playing cards, there will hardly be any place in the world where you can’t buy a deck of cards, but not a lot of people know about its other distant cousin, dominoes. Dominoes as a game is more of the concept than an actual game with rules, as a deck of cards have different games associated with them and they by themselves act as a medium, dominoes is pretty much the same. Even origin is from the same county, China. Although it is estimated that dominoes were invented way before cards where.


Dominoes consists of tiles with some dots made on them which symbolizes numbers. In the original form dominoes were usually made from ivory from elephant’s tusks but if that was continued today it would most probably make all the elephants go extinct and raise the price by a lot. The whole set is called the same thing as cards, either deck or a pack. The first world country dominoes were introduced were to was Italy through Italian missionaries who went to China and came back with the game.


Although dominos are not as popular as cards, they still have a pretty good fan following all over the world, it is considered more of a niche sport and have somehow found itself in the elite circles of the world. Ceme Online has also become pretty popular in similar fashion as playing poker online. The ways that the tiles are made has also changed with the times, earlier the sets made for the royalties were made from silver, gold and other jewels but even commonly you could find ivory made domino sets. During the 15-16th century onwards the pieces started being made from wood and graphite. In the modern times the pieces are usually made from synthetic materials like plastic and such.


Just like a deck of cards, there are a variety of ways to play with a deck of dominoes, one of the most popular ways is the blocking games and the other type is the scoring games. When the concept was being popularized in Europe and other countries, most of them figured out different ways to play the game. The reason why playing cards became much more popular is not exactly known. One of the things which helped cards was maybe the easier style of games. Dominoes have been compared to chess because of their complicated set of rules which can take some time to get even for adults. Cards have complicated and pretty easy games which are suited for children of all ages but that is not so for dominoes. Online videos have majorly used domino sets to make interesting artworks which look fascinating while falling down. Maybe with the coming of domino online, the game will rise in popularity. There are very few domino competitions held as well which does not help the situation.

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