The blanket is also required in the hotel industry

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In the hotel industry, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Because if there is no customer shows up in the hotel. Then, the hotel will not make any money. And, after some time, the hotel will get shut down. No hotel owner wants that to happen with them. That is why it is very much necessary to keep the guests happy. So, they will always come again. For that, the hotel staff needs to maintain a lot of things. And, one thing that always comes is the blanket [ผ้าห่มขนหนู, which is the term in Thai]. Not many people use blanket; instead of that, people prefer to use towels.

But that doesn’t mean that the hotel stops providing a blanket to its user. Provide both blanket and towel to the guest. And leave upon them that whatever they want to use because it is for sure that not everyone will use a blanket. But there will be some people who will use it. And, if there is no blanket in their room. Then, they have to adjust to the towel in which they are not comfortable. That might change their mind to visit the hotel once again. So, don’t do these things. Provide every luxury to make the guest happy.


Look for the size too

The blanket is larger towels. So, the blanket comes in two types. The first one is a single thread. That only comes in 60×80 inches size. And the second one is the double thread. This one comes in two sizes that are 40×80 and 60×80 inches. So, decide the size before giving the order to manufacture it. 


Hotel name can also be printed

Suppose someone wants to print their hotel name on the towel or blanket. Then, it can also be done. But for that, people need to tell the company first. So, that they can add the name while manufacturing it. Don’t worry about the price. It will not increase a lot.