The Best Places To Find True Vintage Treasures

In any case, vintage watches stand out very popular with watch collectors. They shine with timeless designs and have developed a beautiful patina over the years. The best places to find these watches are:

  1. Auction Houses

One of the most prominent sources for vintage watches is the well-known auction houses and their watch auctions, for example, Bonham’s, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s. In most cases, you can view the vintage watches before the auction, but there are still numerous other bidders, so the final price of the vintage watch cannot be determined. Also, keep in mind that an additional commission must be paid to the auction house if a watch is successfully auctioned.

  1. Watch Dealers

Watch dealers are also a well-known source for vintage watches. Many dealers have websites listing their products in stock or offering their watches on websites. It would help if you got in the habit of visiting these websites daily or weekly to always be up to date with the latest offers from the dealers. Some great websites specialize in specific brands and have an excellent reputation.

Save the sites to your favorites and work your way up from top to bottom. Descriptions and good photos are crucial. I prefer pictures that show all the necessary details rather than beautifully designed pictures with great backgrounds. Because the watch should focus, some retailers now also have an appearance on Instagram. So, you can follow them there too. Either way, if a retailer doesn’t have a website and isn’t close by, then things get tricky.

  1. Watch Forums

Not only will you find vintage Omega watches there, but a variety of other brands as well. Since private traders mainly sell on these platforms, you should have internalized the first part of this article to know exactly what to look out for.

The best thing about forums is that the prices tend to be more attractive than watch dealers. A disadvantage is that private sellers usually do not offer any guarantees. So, it would help if you were sure what you were buying. Before doing this, check the reviews of the sellers on the forums where the watches like rolex submarine date are offered. Does the person have a good reputation? Does she know about watches? Ask for!