Texas – The Best Place with Low Standard of Living but High Source of Income

Everyone dreams to stay in the Lone Star State, Texas. There has to be a good reason to reside in the city. Employment and job search is one of the best reasons to move to Texas. Texas is the largest city after Alaska and a densely populated city after California.

Around millions of people move to Texas every year. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the city was growing fast. The pleasant and perfect weather, well-defined art and culture and diverse population attract many people to the city. We have listed few reasons below for shifting to Texas –

Boom in Economy due to Jobs

Texas is ranked 12th best state in the economy sector by the WalletHub. The city has seen growth in jobs within the last two years, ignoring the pandemic year. The city gave out 130,000 jobs in 2017 and 200,000 in 2018. The economists claim that the situation will continue to grow in future years. People are moving from different cities to Texas due to relocation and job search.

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Entertain with Sports

Texans love sports of any kind. You will find all bars and stadiums full on weekends with people crowding and rooting for their favorite team. Some famous teams are Houston Astros, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, etc. Even if you have a hectic week in an office all go away with a bottle of chilled beer and your favorite sports on TV with neighbors and family.

Affordable Homes

You can easily afford a home in Texas if not in any other city. There are many affordable homes in the city. The standard of living in Texas is very low and anyone can lead a luxurious life. With various job opportunities getting a decent living is not difficult. For example, the median home price for San Antonio is $243,300, for Plano, it is $375,000 and for Houston, it is $289,000.

No Tax Deduction

Texas is considered a tax-friendly state. With the low cost of living and affordable homes, you also don’t have to pay heavy taxes. Your income is safe from all those heavy taxes that even make a rich man poor. When Texans don’t have to pay the state tax, it helps them save a lot of money for their retirements, school tuition, and different other expenses for their luxury. This gives them peace f satisfaction and everyone in Texas is happy.

Food and culture

The city is famous for BBQ, chili, beef brisket, margaritas, Shiner Boch beer, Frito pie, and various other foods and drinks that you can think of. You will get endless options when you enter the cities. It is the most vibrant and entertaining city where you can enjoy sports, cowboy dance, events, music, and festivals and still have time for other activities.

Texas is full of life and diverse culture because people from various cities stop by and don’t leave forever after experiencing life. Your decision to move to Texas has to be right so get ready to relocate.

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