Some Fun Facts of Jewelry You Should Know

Let’s have a break from the normal technological things, as well as do something else today. Let’s take a look at some fun diamond truths, as well as facts lots of people do not understand.

  • Your Diamonds are Most Likely Billions of Years of Old

The earliest diamonds that scientists have discovered are approximated to date back billions of years back. While diamonds themselves cannot be carbon dated, scientists can date the surrounding products that were moved up the volcanic pipelines along with the diamonds. This enables the age of the diamonds to be estimated based on the carbon dating outcomes.

  • A Massive Part of Diamonds Glow Under Ultraviolet Light

Two-thirds of normally mined diamonds will show a level of blue fluorescence when observed under ultraviolet light. This is a neat attribute to make people go “WOW!” in the nightclub. You can additionally make use of this function by using it to check the credibility of your diamond.
Even though not every diamond will fluoresce, cubic zirconium rocks never will. That is, if your stone fluoresces, it is a great indicator of credibility when checked alongside its lab record.

  • 80% Customers Overpay for Diamond Precious Jewelry.

Call it naivety or stupidness, there are several not really prepared buyers that have no suggestion what they are acquiring, as well as simply trust their jewelry expert blindly. Did you understand that the average diamond buyer winds up paying twice what the gems are in fact worth?

If you want to avoid becoming part of the stats, get yourself informed before dropping to the shop. See to it you completely understand the 4Cs, search for the distinctions between terms like “carat weight,” as well as “carat total weight,” and contrast prices of various services, even if you go shopping online.

For assurance, you ought to just purchase from a trusted seller, such as RJC jewelry, and take into consideration working with an independent appraiser to size up your purchase.

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