Some Facts That You Would Like to Know About Engineering in India

Engineering or B. Tech is the preference of the majority of the youth in India, which they choose as a study and career option. Whether you look in the engineering colleges in Mumbai or Delhi, you will notice that the demand for admission into various B. Tech courses are very high. This vogue for B. Tech courses is due to various reasons. Some noticeable reasons are the availability of many jobs and many career options available before the engineering graduates; good salary packages; domestic and international work opportunities; and high job satisfaction.

We have collected some interesting facts about engineering in India that you would like to know:

  • Around 12 to 14 million students appear every year in the JEE Main exam, a national level engineering entrance exam in India. This is greater than the total number of students who appear in the GMAT and GREs, combined, around the world.

  • India produces around 1.5 million engineers every year. This is more than twice the population of a country named Iceland. This number is also greater than the total engineers produced by the US and China combined in a year.

  • The engineering coaching industry is massive in India. It is so big that it has left even Bollywood behind in yearly earnings!

  • Silicon Valley, which is the home for the world’s biggest IT and Technology companies such as Google and Facebook, has 1/3rd Indian engineers out of the total number of engineers working over there.

  • Silicon Valley is also called a hub for startups. About 16% of startups over there have an Indian co-founder, who has pursued B. Tech in India. Countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and Britain, taken together, don’t have this much participation in startup ownership in Silicon Valley.

  • According to the records of the Human Resource Development Ministry of India, over 70% of Indian B. Tech graduates are unemployable. This is because they lack the technical knowledge and competence required for a core engineering job.

  • More than half of the engineering aspirants in India study this discipline not out of genuine interest, but due to reasons such as parents’ pressure, peer pressure, and lust for money.

  • If engineering was a religion in India, it would have become one of the most popular religions; probably the fifth most popular.

  • The top engineering institutions in India are the IITs, which are recognized not only inside the country but abroad as well. IIT is the only foreign engineering institution acclaimed by the US Congress in 2005. The US Congress praised the IIT students for giving great contributions in the fields of research and innovation.

There are many good government and private engineering colleges and universities in India. A large number of students from around the country compete for admission to these institutions. Some branches of B. Tech have gained more popularity than others such as Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Civil, and Chemical. The top colleges in maharashtra for btech, Delhi, U.P., Rajasthan, and various other Indian states are offering these courses in their B. Tech programs.


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