Progression of TV Technologies

6 Ways Technology Has Changed Television

The progression of TV Technologies has become a double-edged sword. It has become more advanced at one end than the other. On one hand, we have the CRT TV, which is a great advancement in picture quality and longevity. It is still the best CRT that money can buy and has many features not available on newer TVs like High Definition. However, LCD TVs have come a long way. They now rival the quality of CRTs and are now cheaper.

Plasma screen technology is also coming along strong and competing with LCDs even more. The screens are thinner and lighter than ever before. This makes them easy to be placed on walls, and props easily into place to conceal where they may not look right. This makes them a favorite among DIYers.

A lot of research has gone into the technology of the speakers, and there is some new technology here as well. Many people love their surround sound systems and want the best in the business, but others want something portable. Well, there are plenty of options for them to choose from.

One great advance in television is DVR. This takes the concept of recording television and brings it to another level. DVR’s store footage and play it back for you, on an easily found and affordable video device.

We have also seen the development of products such as HDTVs. Now we have high-definition broadcasts available anywhere, on just about any television, so there is no longer a need to miss out on your favorite shows because you do not have an HD television. HDTVs bring high-resolution imagery to life and provide crystal-clear pictures to make watching television all the more entertaining. The question is, how will the progress of TV technologies impact us? Will it hold, and will the advances we see truly be a benefit or a disadvantage? Check out this infographic about Progression of TV Technologies by Irwin’s Megastore. Also do check out their Television Waterford and Television Cork

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