Pledging service for the bike also to get instant cash:

Not every people have a car and what if it is some sort of emergency situation. Where someone needs emergency cash? Then in that case, if that person has a motorcycle then they can pledge for it. And can get instant cash for Motorcycle Pledge [จำนำมอไซค์, which is the term in Thai]. Motorcycle pledge is also same as car pledge. The customer will contact the pledging service. The agent will check the motorcycle and give the best value according to its performance. And after the signing of contract the amount will be transferred to the owner’s account. Or whatever the transferring option the owner opts for.

By doing the motorcycle pledge now many people can get benefit from it. As many people don’t have a car but have a motorcycle always. So, the people having a motorcycle can pledge also. A good initiative by the pledging service for those who have motorcycle only.

Don’t worry the motorcycle is safe with the pledging service

There are multiple warehouses have been built by the pledging companies to park the vehicles. So, that nothing can happen to the car or motorcycle. This gives an absurdity to people who want to do pledging with their vehicles. So, whenever a customer pays all the money of the pledging company. The customer will get the same vehicle that they give to the company. If something bad happens that will never be going to happen. But if it does then the company will pay the price.

Read the agreement very carefully

It is always recommended that read all the papers before signing it. Most people don’t even bother to do that. And later on, faces the consequences. That is why it is always recommended to read the papers very well.

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