Payments Methods OfIdgod Fake Id Website

A fake ID is a real identification card with a fabricated picture, which may contain inaccurate information about the person on the card. A fake ID can be used by someone who is underage to buy alcohol from a liquor store and by an adult to purchase cigarettes from a gas station. Fake IDs are also created by novelty id websites as gag gifts.

The payment methods of this website are very easy. You only need to order the fake ID online and it will be shipped to your address containing the card. You will also receive a free mailing label, which you can print and use for shipping purposes. The fake ID is perfect, never smudged, printed on good paper, and looks awesome.

Payments methods of Idgod fake ids site

Idgod is a website that links to both fake and legitimate IDs for sale. It also offers information on how to use them. Because of the nature of buying these IDs online, you must understand the different types of payment options they accept in addition to making sure you are covered by the seller’s return policy.

Method #1: PayPal

PayPal offers one of the most secure methods for paying for fake IDs and other goods online. For example, if you’re buying a replica from ID Chief or FakeYourDrank, you can use your PayPal account balance to pay for it with no issues.

Dealspotr’s review of Idgod’s fake ids says: “They accept PayPal for great payment. PayPal has one of the best fraud detection systems online so you are pretty safe if you pay via PayPal.”

If you’re buying a fake ID or other product you want to see right away, it’s good to know PayPal offers fast shipping, along with free two-day shipping for eligible purchases.

The only drawback is that some sellers have had problems with PayPal freezing their accounts when transactions are considered high risk. For them, using a credit card may be a safer and better option.

Method #2: Wire transfer

Some sellers, like IDGod ID Chief, accept wire transfers for payment. However, it’s recommended you ask the seller ahead of time whether or not he accepts wire transfers.

PayPal’s fees for this method are generally lower than with credit cards and any transaction fees that may be charged by the credit card processor will also be paid by the seller on your behalf.

The biggest thing is that you can only send a wire transfer to an actual bank account or a PayPal address.


If you are in college or ever forget your ID, or have a friend who needs one, Idgod is the best place to go to get the best fake IDs. You can find other websites of this nature online, but you know that most of them are counterfeit and will not work. The quality in Idgod is impeccably good and it guarantees your satisfaction when you order from them.

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