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Many brands and companies face email deliverability issues all the time. It is a problem that could disrupt a good working environment. Reports state that approximately 51% or more emailsnever reach the destined inbox. Email issues can lead to a huge problem and solving it is the best way to ensure you don’t end up in the 51%.

Just imagine you are sending an email to an important client of your brand. Or you are sending to a senior official in your company. In such cases, the chances of your mail ending up in the spam foldermight lead to a lot of issues. You might miss sales opportunities or end up with budgetproblems. 

Companies now don’t have to worry about all these issues because a great solution is now available. Folderly is one of the best email tester websites and brands that one can trust with confidence. More than 200 companies trust and work with Folderly for a better online work environment.

There are many benefits of choosing this artificial intelligence-basedonline platform to solve email deliverability issues.You can be sure of 100% email deliverability if you choose to use this platform’s services for your online issues. You can also be assured that the reply rate to your emails will go up by 30%.


Brands might be looking at their various statistics and wondering why their emails are ending up in the spam folders.Blacklisting and emails going to spam folders can be huge problemsfor companies. This is where Folderly comes in.

This AI-based online sitewill help its clients not only avoid spam filters but also avoid blacklisting.They can be ensuredof all their emails reaching the inboxes of their recipients without fail.This service is built to help companies struggling with such problems.


One of the first reasons to choose this service as a client is to solve all email issues as well as increase the deliverability of all your emails. You can also be assured that none of your emails will end up in the spam foldersof any of your recipients. Folderly is the best service you can trust your brand with.

By choosing this service, you can make sure that all your emails reach the right inboxes. This will automatically help to increase email open rates and also the reply rates from all your customers, potential clients etc. You can safely trust your brand with Folderly to focus on your mail issues while you grow your business at peace.


There is a reason why Folderly is the most popular email tester platform among various businesses. This is because it offers different options for different types of businesses. You can choose the package right for you depending on what type of company you have.

Whether you own a startup, or a service agency or even an enterprise, you can be sure of finding the perfect service for your business.The service also boasts of 400% customer retention. In short, Folderly is the best service you can choose to solve all your email issues. 

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