Kickertisch Kinder (Foosball table children): Tips for Buying the Right Foosball Table

5 Best Foosball Tables for Kids Reviewed in Detail (Aug. 2022)

If you have children, chances are you’ve heard the phraseplaying is learning; playing with your kids on a foosball table benefits both of you in more ways than just getting your competitive game on from time to time- if a kid goes up against an adult or two-on-two matchups, they quickly start feeling pressure to play well and win at their level of skill- that’s why having a foosball table that caters to kids is so important- an indoor or outdoor one will do just fine as long as it has all the right features.

Make sure the table has a ball return

When feeding balls into the Kickertisch Kinder (Foosball table children), the first thing you’ll want is a return ball slot, every foosball table should have a return slot – this means you can feed the ball back in after you use it to score, this is super useful for kids as well as adults who are just starting. 

A foosball table with a return slot can help you score more goals as well as save you some wear and tear on your hands, with that said, you should also make sure the foosball table you buy has a ball return that works, return slots are generally found on the front of the table, at the top, the slot itself is the return portion and not the whole table. If a foosball table doesn’t have a proper return, it will make scoring and playing a whole lot more difficult.

A ramp to help the ball get up to speed

Kids, like their parents, have super-fast hands; if the table doesn’t have a ramp, it’ll be very difficult to keep up with the high speeds they’re capable of generating. Ramping the table ensures you don’t experience any lag between players, and it also helps the ball get up to speed so it doesn’t wobble or swerve when it reaches the table.

Soft-touch, non-slip surface

The table’s surface needs to be non-slip to ensure a lot of control over the game, this matters a lot for kids who are just learning how to use their hands to control the ball and if the table has a sticky surface or is extremely slippery, it will be very difficult for a kid to get an accurate shot in- this is probably the most important thing to look for in a foosball table for kids or if a kid is having difficulty scoring or even just keeping the ball in play, the table’s surface is most likely a big issue, if the surface is too sticky or the table is way too slick, it’s going to be very difficult for a kid to get their hands in the game.

Instructions on how to play

Kids, just like adults, don’t want to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing, despite the need to feel like they know what they’re doing, a foosball table with no instructions is probably not the best choice for your child, it’s one thing if you’re a parent who understands how the game works and wants to introduce the rule set to the child and it’s an entirely different ball game if you want your child to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing; an easy method to get over this is to buy a foosball table with instructions include and they’ll know what they’re doing from the get-go, and they’ll feel less lost.