Is Technology Stealing The Caliber Of Your Existence?

Allow me to be perfectly obvious in the start – I’m not against technology, change, AI, transformation or even the steps we take to return. Also, I am sure a lot of you’ll take problem with a number of my points such as the following – remember – the fact is not that which you or It is but – what it’s. But allow me to be also obvious that I have faith that not every one of these advances will improve humanity’s ability to cope with a lot of its core issues for example conflict, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, making decisions, inner peace, fear, the requirement for love and acceptance, existence meaning and purpose.

Believe me – your latest iPhone version, Facebook connection and iPad application will not solve your problems with persistence, the requirement for control, stressors, but allow me to guess – at this time I’ve lost a lot of individuals who began studying this short article and deducted that i’m out touch, living previously or simply do not get it? For you personally folks return beside me inside a couple of many let us talk about how technologies have improved your general existence and it is fundamental desires, needs and challenges. Throughout you who’ve a balanced view, allow me to share things i feel are the positives along with the negatives in our gradual dependence on any device or technology generally that people feel is essential for the existence and also the ultimate achievement in our human purpose on earth.

Age-old questions for centuries which have still not been clarified – where did we originate from, how come we here where shall we be going still plague the majority of humanity but each year increasingly more technological progress is created.

Yes, technology could make some cures more effective and rapid, it might improve transportation and our capability to more rapidly grab information which is essential and valuable. But consider – stress continues to be growing, divorce rate is equivalent to it had been within the 50’s. “Or, what about suicide rates among individuals 35 to 64 years of age they’ve elevated 28 percent (32 percent for ladies, 27 percent for males). The finest increases in suicide rates were among people aged 50 to 54 years (48 percent) and 55 to 59 years (49 percent).

Why? There’s more technology and knowledge currently available than anytime ever. Is not it helping? What about weight problems – several in 2 adults and nearly 1 in 6 youngsters are obese or overweight today. Adult weight problems minute rates are greatest within the U . s . States. Weight problems minute rates are forecasted to improve dramatically by 2030. Got an apple iphone which will solve that?