Introducing Sycor

Sycor Technology is a Canadian company that has provided high-quality wires, cables, tubing and harnesses since its founding in 1981. It has an impressive clientele that stretches well beyond Canada’s borders, thanks not only to the quality of its products but also the quality of its customer service.

Custom Cables and Wires

One way that this cable manufacturer distributor provides excellent service is by offering custom cables and wires. Although its inventory is immense, some customers have requirements that are not met by what’s in stock. Fortunately, Sycor’s employees are well versed in handling these types of situations and know how to create custom cables and wires that will accomplish what is needed.

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Annual Purchase Orders

Many of Sycor’s clients take advantage of year-long blanket purchase orders as doing so offers significant benefits. Financially, it tends to be a bit more cost-effective to place one order instead of several, and it should also be noted that the price remains unchanged throughout this period of time. Also, the cables and wires will be stored in Sycor’s 40,000-square foot facility until they are needed, helping save customers from needing to store not-yet-needed products themselves.