Insurance East Africa Tips

As internet penetrations grows in East Africa and a young generation of working professional becomes increasingly relax with transacting online, we are viewing a surge in e-commerce in the country. There are a big number of internet users in East Africa. Most of this growth will be driven by e-commerce as consumers continue to use internet platform to buy services and products – from banking, books, payment bills to buying insurance Kenya. The insurance sector is extremely much a part of this e-commerce growth story with the online insurance area quick gaining momentum.

Here are some of the advantages of online insurance East Africa:

Online prices

While buying insurance Uganda online, one can pick to match the prices from insurers, thus making them much simple for them.

Getting quotes from different providers on one place is possible with these online insurance portals. It helps in keeping time from the hard job of researching providers individually.


The benefit of online insurance comes with problem free documentation and lowest paperwork. This means no more running around with the photocopy of ID or address proof or other documentation needed for your insurance purchase. As it is managed electronically, the premium of policies is submitted quickly.

Convenience of purchase

You can buy insurance  policies round the clock any place at any time comfortably. Insurers have an internet chat system that helps you pick the most successful insurance plans personalized as per the customers need. Another advantage of buying online is that you have sufficient of time to scrutinize every detail and pick the best policy.

Buying advantages

The distribution efficiency also leads to best cost. Since the customer buys directly from the insurer, the commission is saved. And, the full process is carried in the virtual globe and is paperless, decreasing the costs further. These savings are generally shared with the customer in the type of lower premiums.

Online services

For the non-tech savvy people, making an internet transaction is a big job. The insurance Rwanda sites have online chat facility for the customer to get clarification regarding any issue. Also, you can discuss to the customer relationship executives telephonically regarding any query, which can be resolve over phone. The customer can also request for face-to-face meeting, as people in East Africa trust in the personal touch which they want to be tired and tested before buying any services or product.