How To Use The Rotary Tattoo Gun To Create A Unique Style

You’ve probably seen the same old, flat-belly, double-thumbs-up poses on social media, and maybe you’ve even done one yourself. The tat, or tattoo, probably isn’t the first body art you think of, but the art form is so much more than just getting a random body part inked. The popularity of the rotating tattoo gun is changing the way we think about traditional designs. 


While this might sound like a gimmick, we assure you, it’s not. The rotary tattoo machine is a great way to create a unique and timeless tattoo style. We’ll discuss how to use a tattoo machine in this article to help you design your own unique, unique designs.


A Brief History Of The Tattoo Machine


The modern tattoo machine can trace its origins back to 1891 when Samuel O’Reilly patented the tattooing machine.The machine was used to create simple outlines of decorative designs, which could then be filled in by hand. As technology advanced, so did the tattoo machine. 


Now, the most common types of tattoo machines can be found in professional and home studios all over the world.There are many different styles of tattoo machines, with various features and uses. 


The traditional machine that you probably envision is a large, bulky device that uses a large needle and a motor to push the needle through your skin. This style of machine is still used by some artists, but the new breed of rotary tattoo machines is what has changed the game.


So, What Is A Rotary Tattoo Gun?


A rotary tattoo machine has a handle, usually rounded and with a curved surface, and a barrel that sits atop a round base. The barrel contains a series of tattoo needles, which rotate as you press a button to create a unique tattoo design. 


The rotational force of the tattoo needles causes a pattern of ink to be applied to your skin. The tattoo needles can be set to rotate at different speeds, which can produce a range of different tattoo designs.


How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Gun


On the surface, using a rotary tattoo gun machine seems simple. You just set up the device, place your skin in the barrel, and then press the button. But, in reality, there is more to it than that. Setting up the machine correctly is one of the most important aspects of creating the best tattoo. 


The placement, the angle, the speed of the needles, and the pressure applied all play a role in what design you end up with.


Finally, The Benefits Of Using A Rotary Tattoo Gun


Rotary tattoo machines have several benefits, many of which are similar to and overlap with those of the traditional tattoo machine. The main benefits of the rotary tattoo machine are the ability to create a range of different tattoos, greater precision than with the traditional machine, and a more comfortable and personalized experience for the tattooist and the client.

Finding the right tattoo machine can be difficult. There are many different types of tattoo machines to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one will work best for your needs. Use this guide to help you assess if a rotary tattoo machine is perfect for you.

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