How To Host A Website With Shared Hosting?

An ideal hosting plan and solution for your website can make or break it and play an important role in its long-term success. Many web hosting services are available to host a website, such as Shared, VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Hosting. However, if you have a new website and need a budget-friendly hosting solution, a Shared, especially a Shared Linux Web Hosting service is a recommended and ideal hosting solution.

You require a suitable and reliable web hosting provider and plan that matches your business goals and website’s needs and requirements to host your website. And as a beginner, you can find that with a Shared Web Hosting service.

You must follow and incorporate the following steps to host your website with a suitable shared server hosting or Linux hosting solution.

1.     Choose the type of website you want

Typically, there are two types of websites: static and dynamic. Static websites, as the name suggests, have static content on generally one or two pages. One cannot dynamically modify these static pages, and hence they are cheaper than dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites, in contrast, possess content that changes dynamically depending on the viewer, the time of the day, and other factors. Blogs, e-commerce websites, forums are examples of dynamic websites. These websites are driven by CMS, allowing website owners to edit or add content directly like photos, texts, videos, or let their customers or website visitors leave comments.

2.     Choose a suitable hosting server

Static HTML websites can be hosted on a majority of web servers. However, with web applications and dynamic websites, depending on your hosting requirements, you can choose between these two server platforms: Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting.

Linux is the most widely used platform today and is ideal and cost-efficient if your website does not need any scripting support. Thus, we recommend going for a Linux website hosting solution for your website.

3.     Change your DNS server

Once you choose a suitable Shared Hosting plan for your website, you will receive name servers or Domain Name Servers (DNS). You are required to change your domain’s name servers to get your website up and running. To do so,

  1. Go to the domain control panel.
  2. Enter your registered password and email address.
  3. Select the domain name for which you want to change the name servers.
  4. Click on the Name Servers option in the Domain Registration section.
  5. Replace the Name Servers properly, and click on the Update Name Servers button

4.     Upload your website

Once you have implemented the steps mentioned above, it is time to upload your website to your hosting account by connecting to the server through either an FTP client, like FileZilla or cPanel’s file manager.

Summing Up

Website hosting can seem like a lengthy procedure, but it is the most important part of your website’s growth. First, you must be thorough with your website’s requirements and its needs and the right web hosting plan you want to choose to host your website. Then, by choosing the right website type, a suitable Shared Hosting Linux server, the right web hosting plan, and provider, and implementing the steps mentioned above, you can easily host your website with an ideal hosting solution.