How OTC Medicines Are Different From Prescription

Medicine has today become an essential part of human life, which is required to cure common or severe diseases. With the increase in burden in your daily routine, there is an increase in patients. And when the patient’s count increases, there is a huge demand for medicines.

Since last few years, there is a huge demand for medical stores, which has been fulfilled by the introduction of online pharmacies.  There is a huge demand for such online medical stores that lets you buy Canada Drugs.

But there are basically two types of medicines i.e. prescription only and over-the-counter drugs. So, what’s the difference and how they can be purchased whenever required?

Prescription Only Drugs: There are some medicines which you can’t use without taking a genuine prescription from the doctor. Such medicines are always recommended to treat specific diseases that you might be affected with. In prescription drugs, there are chances that it may harm your body and cause side effects. Hence you need to be alert while using these prescription medicines.

These medicines are prescribed for a single user which you can’t think of sharing with other people observing the same symptoms. Such drugs are only allowed to purchase when you share a legal prescription from an authorized doctor.

Over-The-Counter Drugs: Against prescription drugs, there are many medicines which are don’t require any legal prescription and hence you can easily buy them from local medical stores or online pharmacies. Such drugs are known as over-the-counter drugs. These drugs are not made specifically for a single disease; hence it can be used by more than one patient. These drugs commonly include eye drops, face creams, etc which anyone can buy from a local medical store.

Now as mentioned, over-the-counter drugs are directly monitored by the FDA but it doesn’t restrict anyone from buying it. Instead, you can purchase it without submitting any prescription.

Where to buy Prescription & Over the Counter Drugs?

As mentioned earlier, prescription drugs are not permitted to sell without owning an authentic prescription by the doctor. So, there are limited resources where you can buy these prescription drugs. There are medical stores which are licensed to sell through local stores or via online websites.

But in the case of over-the-counter drugs, you are free to buy them from any store near you. There is no boundation on buying these medicines and start your treatment.

Which one should you take?

Well, there is not any comparison between prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. There are different situations where you can take them separately. But in every case, you are always recommended to reach your doctor and take adequate treatment ahead of adding any medicine in your daily diet.

Over-the-counter medicines are majorly available from any medical store that you find on your route. But there are a few stores or online pharmacies which are permitted to sell medicines.

So, these are some common points that bring a huge difference between prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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