How Is Experiential Marketing Done

There is no easy way of implementing  this strategy: it is about finding a way to convey to the public the personality of the brand and its values, getting them excited and memorable.

Each brand has to make its reflection on the best way to achieve it, taking into account  here are things each brand should consider in experimental marketing regardless of the SEO services price (ab test หน้าเว็บไซต์เพื่อให้ติดอันดับ seo, which is the term in Thai)

  • The customer is the centre

Not only do you have to know him very well, but you have to have the ability to “put yourself in his shoes.”

It helps a lot if we also make you feel special.

  • Creativity rules

And it is necessary to innovate, looking for new ways of doing things to surprise.

  • Participation helps people remember the brand

Include interactive elements and allow them to make decisions.

  • Ubiquity helps in experiential marketing actions

They can take place on the street or in public spaces, at the point of sale, at events.

At any point of contact between the public and the brand.

  • Experiences have to be useful to humanize the brand

Helping to create connections. Try to make the brand “befriend” the public, providing the opportunity for direct interaction.

  • Storytelling plays a vital role

Stories can move a lot. Tell important and captivating stories that will attract the interest of the public.

Steps To Designing An Experiential Marketing Action

  1. Find out what users feel when interacting with your brand and create action thinking about how we want to impact them.
  2. Define the objectives, which will be in line with those of the brand and other marketing actions.
  3. Identify precisely the target to which the action we are going to create is intended.
  4. Design the experience: this is the most “artistic” part.
  5. Think about how to maximize its impact through all the channels at our disposal.
  6. Calculate costs and ROI.
  7. Determine goal compliance metrics.

Sounds complicated?

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