Good Boy! Why “Dog Speaking” Is Important When Bonding

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

For those who don’t have a dog, the concept of talking to one frequently might seem odd. But for dog owners, it’s a great way of bonding with their pet. If you want your friendship to grow and flourish, it’s a good idea to talk to them every day – not only does it show that you care for them, but it will give them the companionship they need to thrive in life. Now, you don’t always have to speak in a baby voice. But once you start to use the same words and different pitches, they will start to understand what you’re after from them.

Even though it might sometimes seem as though it’s a one-sided conversation, it can be incredibly rewarding in the long run – so there’s no harm in trying! 

Bonding is Powerful

Bonding is important for both dogs and humans. An incredible thing, it will show your dog that you have respect for them – which will result in them showing respect to you. Building a bond with them will take time and effort, there’s no denying that – especially if they are a puppy or rescue dog. But through initially talking to them and getting to know their personality traits, you will start to gain a better connection with them – creating a lifelong friendship that you’ll never forget.

They Will Start To Understand 

Having a good bond with your dog doesn’t only show that you mutually respect each other. It also normally shows that your dog is connecting with what you’re saying. If you want your dog to be fully-trained and able to respond to commands, putting in the effort and talking to them every day is essential. From the tone of your voice and pitch, they will understand if you are happy with them or if they have done something wrong. Learning through repetition, your friendship will be more powerful in the long term.

It’s Good For Both of You

Talking to your dog is also good for your health. Ok, so they won’t respond with humane words. But they can respond to what you’re saying or reacting by showing you the affection you require. Say you are having a bad day – if you put your problems out in the open and tell your dog how you’re feeling, it could help to make you feel a little better. Closing the gap between the species, it’s a therapeutic way to bond with each other.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Start to talk to your dog and see how your relationship with them starts to blossom. Whether you start by offering them a delicious treat, asking them if they want their dinner (Barking Heads has a range of the best dog food 2019 you can try!), if they want to go for a walk or just telling them about your day, you will start to notice a change within a few days! 

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