Frenchie Dogs Need To Treated With Love And Care

French bulldogs are also known as Frenchie. They are small muscular and have a compact body structure. They are very charming and they can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. They also have a good sense of humor and they are very fond of people. It stands about 12 at the withers and weighs around 18 to 28 pounds. They have a square head, structure, and large bat ears. The face is more pleasant and open than an English bulldog. The wrinkle is not as heavy.

Nature of French bulldogs

The French bulldogs are very pleasant in nature. They bond extremely strongly with the family members. They require a lot of attention. They are extremely intelligent and have a true sense of humor. It is kind, tolerant, and love being with the children. They have protective instincts and consider it an honor to protect their loved ones. It entertains the family and tricks and it loves being taken care of.

Living conditions

 The French bulldog is strictly meant to live indoors. They cannot stand extreme heat or cold temperatures. They need to be around persons who love them. They interact with the family members and cannot live without them. They require weekly grooming and plenty of petting to keep its court in good condition. Facial wrinkles should be quite regularly to prevent infections. The nails should be kept short and the air passages clean. It is very important to groom your pet dog to keep healthy. They are relatively low activity dogs although they like to play and enjoy long walks.


Frenchie dog also have some health concern which includes breathing problems, back disorders, difficulties with anesthesia. They are short muscles and dwarf breeds. They generally live between 10 to 12 years. At times they are expected to live longer for about 14 years. Feeding a raw diet to your pet dog can help damage to increase their overall health and lifespan.


The diet food generally consists of uncooked muscle and organ meat, bones, fruits, vegetables in the natural form. It keeps the dog healthy. It is also claimed that commercial pet foods are harmful to them. Healthy food helps them to keep the skin healthy, provides them more energy, eliminates gas, cleaner teeth, and fresh breath. You can start introducing fresh and healthy ingredients to the pets. You also need to check on the allergies of the pets before feeding them anything.