Fine Garden Building Options for You

Among the entire range of resin garden sheds, the brand offers a wide choice and a quality of manufacture which will satisfy all needs and all budgets. And since it is difficult to form an opinion without knowing, let’s take a look at some products that may be right for you. The large models are generally available under the names of Premium, Horizon, Orion, Manor, Factor, Infinity and Millennium. From this observation, you just need to add the serial number to have the exact product in which you are interested. You will understand. You can visit this site and get a proper idea now.

Shelter at a door

  • First of all, the single doors with the Manor model. Amazon offers you more particularly the garden shed, the smallest.
  • Priced at around 841 euros, it lives up to its name since it is all in height and in the shape of a mini mansion.
  • As you will see for all their models, the floor is included in the delivery. It has a window on one of its sides, and has a simple opening.
  • Always gray in color, by installing shelves you have a very efficient and space-saving tool storage solution. Indeed, the place is taken in height and not on the ground.
  • For larger products with the same shape, look to the house in resin for example.

Double door shelter

The inexpensive model of garden shed with double door is among the bestsellers because it is easier to store your garden accessories, because the opening is larger. In addition, its maintenance is done faster than a shelter with a door.

Let’s move on to the double door models with the garden shed : (knowing that there are on their site the 43 and the 86, slightly different), which you will find on Amazon. Its surface of just over 2.5 m² is perfect for storage, and allows you not to have to declare anything while remaining within the rules.

Made in resin or pvc, it is both elegant with its gray color and white door frame, design and solid. It does not require any maintenance since PVC is not affected by bad weather, and it is treated so as not to suffer from UV rays (no need for sunscreen.).

Easy to assemble, it is also designed to be waterproof and is supplied with its floor and its double lockable doors, which offer a fairly large opening. Sold at a price of around 589 euros, it is an ideal solution for bikes or tools.

Still in the double door, the 2m² garden shed (the 66 will be larger, you will understand the principle) has the advantage of its beige and brown look very chic country. The floor is included and metal reinforcements stabilize the resin structure, which is guaranteed for 10 years.


No specific cleaning advice because it does not let in water and is resistant to ultraviolet rays. The walls are quite thick, with 16 mm, which increases its resistance.Sold at an attractive price of 569 euros and delivered in a package, you just have to follow the instructions for assembly and voila.