A business card can be the first introduction to potential clients and associates. It is a primary marketing tool for all kind of business. Considering the audience should be the top priority while designing business cards. In the pre-internet era, a good business card design was like a personal call card. It includes the name of the company, title, phone numbers and physical addresses. It is important to keep the details to a minimum because too much cramming can be hard to focus on and remember.

Having a well-designed logo is an effective detail for your business card

The logo of your business and marketing colors are important to brand identity. It is the logo that makes the people think immediately about the nature of your business and it could be useful to them.

Having an expert professional designer could ensure that your logo is not at the risk of getting stolen by other companies.

These are the following options that one must keep in mind before getting a business card printed online:

  1. size: the size of your business card is decided by the market you are targeting. The recipient’s sensibilities and expectations decide the measurements.
  2. shape: the traditional shape of your business card will range around 3.58 2-inch rectangle.
  3. paperweight: a thicker paper is sturdierand creates a stronger impression on the receiver.
  4. texture: the texture can be matte or glossy or elevated. Every texture comes at different prices.
  5. coating: a plastic coating is cheaper but the trends are changing with the introduction of metal business cards.

Print a perfectly balanced business card online in Indonesia.

If you are new business starting with a business card that has an undeniable personal touch during exchanges could be a great idea. If you are an Indonesian resident, check out Fastwork which is a freelance company that specializes at printing and online business card design[desain kartu nama online, which is the term in Indonesian].