Duties and Functions of the Nurse

What do nurse services (jasaperawat, which is the term in Indonesian) imply? The vast majority think a nurse is somebody who gives injections – or basically is a doctor’s aide; however, nurses have various roles that they perform, regularly at the same time, depending on a patient’s needs. With the changes in healthcare services in the most recent couple of decades, their roles have extended significantly more.

Here are a couple of these duties:


As a caregiver, a nurse gives hands-on care to patients in various settings. This includes physical needs, which involves full attention (thoroughly taking care of a patient) to helping a patient with disease prevention. The nurse keeps up a patient’s pride while giving quality and skilled care.

Furthermore, nurses holistically care for their patients. This means that the entire individual is more import than the entirety of their parts. This implies that nurses likewise address psychosocial, spiritual, and developmental needs. The job of a nurse included the majority of the errands and skills associated with nursing care, yet also, include different components that make up the entire individual.

Decision Maker

Another role of the nurse is decision making, which involves using necessary thinking skills for decision making, set objectives, and advance results for a patient. These necessary reasoning abilities include assessing the patient, recognizing the issue, arranging and executing medications, and evaluating the results. A nurse makes use of his or her clinical judgment – his or her capacity to observe what is best for the patient – to decide the best game-plan for the patient.


As a communicator, the nurse comprehends that skillful communication can help improve the condition of the therapeutic services. Obstructions to effective communications can impede the recovery process. The nurse needs to discuss effectively with the patient and relatives just as well as individuals from the health care team. Furthermore, the nurse is in charge of written communication, or patient charting, which is a vital part of the progression of care.

Patient Advocate

Being a patient advocate might be the most significant of all nursing jobs. As a patient advocate, the nurse must secure a patient’s rights. When an individual is ill, they are unfit to go about as they may when they are hale. The nurse backs their patient’s choices, working on their patients’ best interests at all times. This can improve a patient’s state while recognizing that a patient’s values supersede the health care provider’s.