Do you know the key reason for losing money in Forex

Many Forex traders are trying hard to make a profit in the retail trading business. Some of them are trying to become a successful trader for more than 3 years. They often say they have tried everything and they are still losing money due to the unpredictable nature of this market. The price movement in the Forex market is never wrong. It reflects global economic performance with a high level of accuracy. No one in this world has the power to manipulate the price feed. So, why do people still lose money in trading even after trying for more than 3 years? Let’s find the key reason why a certain individual loses money in trading.


Overconfidence is a very common problem for intermediate traders. They love to think, they know all the details of this market. They stop reading books and try to make a profit by using an old strategy. Due to the dynamic nature of the Forex market, it becomes impossible for them to make a profit. You can’t become overconfident with your trading performance or strategy. The professionals in Australia always believes in continuous learning. They keep themselves tuned with the latest market data and execute trades based on real-time market updates. Stop being an overconfident trader and you will see progress in trading career.

Ignoring the trend

Those who are losing money don’t know why they should trade with the major trend. Most of the time, they try to make a profit by analyzing the complicated trading process. Eventually, they start to trade the major reversal and forget the importance of trend trading strategy. Becoming a successful trader in the Forex trading industry requires a perfect understanding of the market trend. Learn about the different stages of the market trend and try to execute the trade at the end of the retracement. Stop being an aggressive trader as it forces you to make mistakes.

Using too many tools

Never try to make things complicated in the trading profession. Those who depend on indicators and EAs don’t know the importance of raw price data. On the contrary, the professional traders are always looking for quality price action confirmation signal at the key support and resistance level. Though this will be hard for you at the initial stage you have the liberty to use the Saxo demo account to develop your trading skills. Try to create a simple strategy so that you can make a profit without having any hassle.

Trading with high risk

You should never execute the trade with high risk. You might think the high-risk trading strategy is appropriate to recover the loss but in reality, this is one of the key reasons for which the novice traders are losing money. Start using the famous 2% money management rule and try to limit the risk exposure by analyzing other important variables. You should not trade the market to make some quick bucks. Trading should be considered as your business and only then you will be able to make a profit.

Stop using signals

Those who place a trade based on signals provided by other traders can’t become successful in the Forex market. You have to learn the manual art of trading by using the demo account. Instead of buying signals, find a professional mentor and spend some money to learn the art of trading. There is no reason to rely on other people when you can develop your skills in less than six months. 

It’s true that the initial phase of your trading career is very frustrating but there is nothing you can do about that. Develop your patience level and try to focus on a simple strategy. Forget the idea that trading is all about taking high risks in each trade. Be a conservative trader and keep yourself up-to-date with the global economy. Invest money to get valuable knowledge from experienced traders.