Do Potatoes Really Make Us Fat?

Potatoes still remain one of the most popular foods on earth; it is consumed in most homes and in different forms. However, with many people trying to be fit, potato calories have always been debated. There are different claims surrounding this food, and while some agree that potatoes are great for muscle building, others claim that it is a major cause of obesity in the country. The question remains, ‘do potatoes really make us fat?’ Read on to find the answer to this puzzling question.

Breaking it Down

Potatoes are underground tubers that grow on a plant’s root. It is a carbohydrate, which is probably why it is shunned by most people trying to watch the number of calories they consume. A medium potato calorie is about 163, while the carbs stand at 34g. This misunderstood food also contains about 4.7g of fiber and 4.3g of protein. Potatoes also contain vitamins, magnesium potatoes but have zero fat. That’s right! Potato does not contain dietary fat; the process of cooking and the amount of serving is where the problem comes in.

Potatoes contain phytonutrients that can help provide antioxidant for the body and is an excellent choice for those looking to shed some fat. This is because of the high glycemic index contained in potatoes; this ensures that people feel fuller when they consume potatoes and eat less hours later. Another way potatoes can help with weight loss is when chilled, cooked potatoes are consumed.

Resistant starch can be found in chilled cooled potatoes, and this helps to reduce hunger hormones while accelerating calorie burns. The resistant starch found in potatoes can be increased either by cooling at room temperature or by storing in a refrigerator; you can reheat before eating, but that would cause a drop in the amount of resistant starch.

Another way potatoes are connected with weight is that it can help decrease blood pressure in obese or overweight people without negatively affecting the weight. Boiling and baking potatoes are a better option than frying for those trying to lose their weight. Potatoes only become harmful to weight-loss diets when loaded with unhealthy garnishing. Piles of butter and sour cream can increase potato calories and add sugar to a safe potato.

Potatoes do not make us fat; the process of preparation, the amount consumed, and the toppings are what adds fat to the otherwise innocent potatoes. Moderation should be applied when consuming potatoes, and think twice before adding toppings to your potato to ensure it doesn’t cause a rise in potato calories.

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