Do in-game currency generators work?

Many people in the gaming community have heard about a certain type of cheat in games known as an ‘in-game currency generator’.  But do in-game currency generators like of wow tbc gold work? The short answer is yes, there are ways to get unlimited money through the use of third party software. However this is not encouraged and will get your account banned if you get caught.

What you need to know

Firstly it should be mentioned that most games which offer custom content usually only allow one person to buy certain items at a time either because they didn’t want everyone to have access or that they did not balance out what would happen if everyone had it. When this feature first came out someone would spend hours trying to defeat it just so they could sell off all of the items and get rich after that. The problem is this person would watch everyone else play the game and do nothing because they had already become filthy rich. This is not considered fair by most gamers because those who worked for their money normally feel cheated when other players gain an advantage over them without doing anything.

The use of in-game currency generators takes this concept to another level though as now instead of spending time on these games players discover ways to avoid spending time altogether by using bots, hacks or whatever other method they can find to gain money or experience without having to put in the work. There are many reasons why people would want this as well such as if a player has exams approaching, is short on time or doesn’t have a job and cannot earn any money from outside sources then they might think that using third party software is a way around it.

One of the most common ways do get an advantage over everyone else is by downloading bots for certain Facebook games which allow them to farm simply by pressing buttons on their phone. These bots can be used to get unlimited money and/or experience in a short period of time. Although these programs are prohibited by the terms and conditions of Facebook it is hard for them to detect such things because hundreds if not thousands of people could be using them at any one time.

There are many other ways to receive an advantage over others and some will never go away simply because there will always be cheaters in online games, especially social ones where friends can help each other out. However, instead of looking for illegal third party software it may better to try and level up through normal means, perhaps even getting help from friends so everyone gains something instead of just one person who has everything which makes it no anymore for people who play legitimately.



Ultimately, because there are so many ways to cheat in games it is suggested that you should not use them at all as they will just get your account banned and may even be seen as an attempt of fraud. The best way to play these games is normally by spending time on them playing through quests or whatever activities are available which is the whole point of these types of social games. By spending money inside the game it can allow players to keep up with everyone else without having to do anything illegal.