Considering Going Solar? Why Not Get A Free Quote First?

Interest in Idaho solar power has skyrocketed in recent years. Federal tax incentives have certainly played an important part, but people are just as interested in solar because they are concerned about their carbon footprint and wish to take effective action to reduce it. Throw in the handy fact that well-installed solar energy systems can substantially save money in the long term (and reduce grid energy dependency) and the decision to take up solar power is quite a no-brainer. Despite these inherent advantages, some people are understandably wary about making such a commitment – and this is why people should consult with those solar companies in Idaho who offer a free and no-obligation quote first.

Comprehensive Property Assessment

Every home and business is different – and this simple fact makes it difficult to predict how effective solar panels will be before a property has been suitably assessed. Always be wary of companies offering a direct dollar amount when it comes to predicting both how much energy you will generate and how that will reduce your grid supply costs. The truth is that even after a comprehensive assessment the best Idaho solar companies will only offer a prediction within a 10-15% accuracy. Look for companies that have performed similar work in your area and provide an aftercare service. They’ll know from that experience what you should realistically expect, especially after they have assessed the structures and grounds that comprise your property.

Is Storage Worth It?

Many people are understandably unsure whether they ought to install energy storage equipment or not. Such storage has dramatically reduced in price over recent years but will still add to the bottom line. Look for companies that provide a ‘matter of fact’ assessment of whether or not such equipment is suitable for your expectations and budget. Never lose sight of the fact that the sole focus of solar energy installation should be repaying the setup costs as soon as possible to ensure many years of subsidized energy savings. Battery/storage equipment can be extremely useful for those looking to be entirely self-dependent but not always essential for projects looking to just provide a proportion of their energy needs instead. The best companies will understand this and never adopt a sales-focused approach.

Weigh The Options

Ideally, your estimate will include a few options when it comes to deciding which package best suits your needs. Roof-mounted, ground-mounted, thermal/sunlight panels – you name it, and the best companies will be able to provide it. Keep an open mind here as your quote will likely offer some extensive variety when it comes to selecting a suitable panel system. One of the best advantages of using smaller Idaho solar companies is that they are not ‘tied’ to provide certain solar panel manufacturer’s products. They have a free reign to suggest systems that will work best to match your exact needs – and that is something you simply cannot find with nationwide companies. Quality contractors will look to deliver value on every aspect of the installation project – and they usually charge much lower rates than those big-name operators too.

Plan With The Future In Mind

Something anyone will appreciate about an independent solar energy quote is that they’ll answer your questions honestly – and find ways to configure your system for future application and longevity. It is no secret that modern solar panels are far more effective than those manufactured ten years ago (and still being installed despite being seriously outdated). Honest Idaho solar energy installers will discuss the estimated yields advertised by panel companies alongside their practical, hands-on experience to estimate how well they’ll work in practice. If a panel system is outdated or on the verge of becoming obsolete they’ll tell you!

Look for companies that are able to install a network with a view to adding or moving panels in the future. Well installed solar energy systems should be as adaptable as possible and able to handle the addition of other panels from different manufacturers. Ideally, they should also discuss ways whereby a storage system could be added to the project if you decide to install one further down the line.

Local solar companies will not only know what you should realistically expect from your installation but be willing to share and discuss this with you in total partnership. Ask as many questions as you like during this process – it is free after all!