CBD-based Products Going Viral as Europe Witnesses The Launch of Its First Luxury Website

Currently, a group of US retailers is caught up in the race for the next big name in the emerging market of health and beauty products made with CBD or cannabidiol.

But customers in Europe have been reluctant to embrace CBD-based products. However, that sluggishness is beginning to change.  Last week, the UK witnessed the kick-off of its first luxury website -The Chillery – offering beauty products with cannabidiol.

“We realized that in the UK, CBD was not readily available as it was in the United States, so we thought it wise to invite brands in Europe and America for products and manufacturers out there to ensure customers in the EU have a wide range of  high-quality CBD products,” said Floriane von der Forst, Co-Founder of The Chillery.

UK’s new luxury product line features eight unique brands and 24 stock keeping units, enabling it to divide its product segments into five major treatment areas: stress, sleep, pain, intimacy, and beauty.

“CBD-savvy individuals in the UK will use these products to manage stress and solve sleep problems while discovering other uses of cannabidiol products like reducing menstrual pain, back pain, after-sports, as well as many other areas,” said The Chillery Co-Founder Marisa Schwab.

“There’s a lot of unawareness and misinformation in Europe.” he added.

One widespread misconception in the UK, unlike the US, is the question of whether cannabidiol gets you high. The truth is, CBD doesn’t get you high because it comes from the hemp plant which is low on psychoactive THC, instead of the marijuana plant with high THC doses.

In an attempt to bridge the ignorance gap, Chillery’s website features charts on nearly everything concerning CBD, from dosage to usage, to illustrations of cannabis and hemp plants.

Most of the customers in the UK also don’t understand the use of CBD other than in oil drops. Advocates claim it has anti-inflammatory properties and recommends topical creams for acne or after-exercise balms. And for beauty purposes, the website stocks serums from Hora, and Saucha’s overnight masks and face oil.

According to the founders,  it has been challenging to find willing third-party brands that match the site’s target customer base of luxury shoppers because the marketing of Europe’s CBD products targets men who use recreational marijuana.

In comparison, the legalization of recreational forms of marijuana in California last year triggered dozens of retailers to enter the space targeting regular customers for a wide range of CBD-based products.


As we speak, Europe has only a few places where marijuana regulations are as precise. And though brands in the EU are venturing into CBD-based beauty and skincare, the rates have been slower compared to what’s happening in the US. However, the Chillery plans to bring more and more brands on board to grow the business in European markets.

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