Busting five myths about poker that even the pro players believe

One of the most common and widespread myths about poker

It can be considered to be one of the most misunderstood games with many misconceptions. People often lose money as it is a part of the game. But, a bunch of excuses is always there that players make to satisfy their ego. Many of them have believed things that have nothing to do with the game. Your explanation might include the most common ones like tampered RNG and poker bots.

These are the five myths that prove it a game of skills, strategies, and experience:

1. It is all about luck

No matter if you are pro in poker or not, there has been a misconception in most of the player’s mind that poker is a game of luck. But it is not. In fact, a successful poker player gets the skills from a bunch of experience. There is an art of making fewer errors that leads to a higher success rate. Luck is indeed a factor which no one can deny, but it will not help you win consistently. For that, all you need is to develop skills and strategies.

2. Higher stakes for good learning

Investing real money for practice does not mean that you put high stakes when you are a beginner. It leads to nothing but drains your bankroll rapidly. Also, you will be going to lose interest. Managing a significant bankroll will give you chills while having the best poker playing experience even as a beginner.

3. Winning consistently is impossible

Those who believe it is all about luck also understand that winning in a consistent manner is also impossible. It is because they have figured out that luck won’t be favoring them forever. But, a player with a lot of experience does not believe this. Victory is all about proper strategy. Your strategies can beat lousy luck.

4. Men play better than women

Men undoubtedly dominate the poker world. But, women have not been left behind. Some of these ladies who have got the strategies can beat men. Gender has not been a barrier to these games. There are some of the women who have been ruling the tournaments with excellence. To name a few, Barbara Enright, Loni Harwood, Linda Johnson, etc. have mastered the skills.

5. You need to master math

Yes, you got to be good at counting cards. But, the game is more than doing the math. Being a math wizard will not help you get success in poker. Even, the experts have made it clear. Some say it might disrupt your gaming strategies too. You might find mathematicians play poker and rock it, but the key to their success is more than math, in fact, it depends on how you do the bluffing and guessing the strategies of the opponents also helps.

We hope these myths we no longer stop you from becoming an awesome poker player.