Behind the Scenes: Day in the Life of an IPL Player

The Indian Premier League is not just a tournament; it is a cricketing extravaganza. With so many teams competing against each other to bag the coveted trophy, we can be sure that the entire 74-game tournament comes with its fair share of surprises.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an IPL player’s life, this is your chance to find out. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of IPL players, uncovering what happens behind the scenes of their lives.

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Behind the Scenes: What Do the Players Do Pre-match?

A typical day for an IPL player when they are not playing any active game can be quite monotonous. Here are some of the common daily routines of the IPL players:

Morning Rise and Shine to Prepare for the Day

Players prefer early morning practices as they help them build strength. Many players wake up at the crack of dawn to ensure that their bodies are at their prime efficiency during the training session.

Following this is a nutritional breakfast, which is a non-negotiable sector. A good, protein-filled breakfast boosts the body for the rest of the day.

Training Sessions

With primed bodies and focused minds, the training session starts with able coaches and trainers. Players train both in the gym and on the field to prepare for upcoming matches.

At this time, they try out new bowling and batting techniques that can come in handy in the following matches. 

Mid-day Rest and Strategizing

After the hardcore training session, players turn their minds to a recovery period to recharge. It can be through yoga, meditation, or, like some players, reading a book.

After a good rest, they assemble with the team to discuss the tactical side of the game. This helps the teams to summarize a game plan for victory against a potential opponent. 

Match Time and Post-Match Recovery

With the stadium enveloped during dusk, the excitement reaches its peak for fans who have come to watch their favorite teams compete. 

Post-match, players relax and reflect on the game, the hits and misses, and how they can do well in the next match. Ice baths and massage sessions come in handy here, and the match ends as a learning experience.


The Indian Premier League raises the bar for the spirit of cricket and brings fans together worldwide with its excellent show of skill and sportsmanship. For fans who couldn’t come to the stadium, staying glued to their television screens is a known fact.

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