Attractive Benefits Of Tokenization By John Mattera

The world of finance is changing. The way we think about money is changing, too. In fact, digital assets are now the fastest growing class of assets in the world and are projected to continue to grow even faster than cryptocurrencies themselves. This means that there’s a lot more opportunity today than ever before for companies who want to tokenize their assets or services and take advantage of this new paradigm shift!

Tokenization Can Help Solve Problems

Tokenization is a great solution for solving problems related to data security, identity theft and fraud.

Tokenization can help solve problems related to data security because it makes it harder for hackers to steal information from your company, according to John Mattera. If you store your customer’s credit card information in the cloud or on your own servers, then a hacker could steal this sensitive information by hacking into those systems and stealing all of the data they contain.

But if you were using tokenization instead of storing actual card details, then even if someone did manage break into one of these systems they wouldn’t be able to get access any personal information because there wouldn’t be any there!

Tokenization Can Be Used To Increase Your Income

If you’re a business owner, tokenization can be used to increase your income says John Mattera. Let’s say that you have an investment property and want to sell it. Normally, in order for the sale to go through, there are many people involved: the buyer, their realtor and attorney; the seller; any partners involved in the purchase (if there are any). 

With tokenization, however, all these people are removed from the process entirely because they don’t need access or control over anything related to this particular asset anymore–it’s been converted into digital tokens on a BLOCKCHAIN network where no one else can see them except for those who have permission.

Tokenization Is A Great Way To Increase Security And Safety

One of the most important benefits of tokenization is that it can help you protect your data. You may be wondering what exactly this means, so let’s take a look at how traditional payment methods work and compare them with tokenized payments.

In traditional payments, when someone uses their credit card to make a purchase online or in-person at an actual store location, they provide their personal information (name, address, etc.) along with their payment information (credit card number). This means all that sensitive data stays in one place–the merchant’s database–and if it gets stolen by hackers then all of those customers are at risk for identity theft or other problems related to having their personal information exposed online.

Tokenization Will Help You Raise Capital More Quickly

The fact that tokenization allows you to raise capital more quickly and easily is one of its most attractive benefits. Tokenized assets can be sold in a fraction of the time it would take to sell a traditional asset, which means you can get more money faster.

Additionally, tokenization has been shown to reduce risk for investors by reducing their exposure to market volatility and other factors that might cause them financial harm if they invested directly in real estate or other types of assets like bonds or stocks. This makes it easier for companies who want to issue these types of securities but don’t have enough cash on hand (or don’t want) to go through traditional channels like banks or stock exchanges.