All you need to know about packaging-

There are many types of packaging available in the market, but the packaging that is widely used

throughout the world is only carton packaging. It has its own benefits like it is rigid, it is foldable,

environment-friendly and what not!

What are the major carton packaging types available in the market?

There are mainly 5 major carton packaging readily available-

  1. Mono cartons

These types of cartons are specially designed and developed in various styles, patterns, dimensions according to the needs and requirements. The colour and the printing of the carton depends on the product type and the type of business segment in which it belongs to.

  1.  Litho-Laminated Cartons

These types of cartons possess the higher holding strength as well as the cushioning properties which makes them the preferred choice for fragile or heavy in nature items.

  1. Window Type Cartons

A window patch is a design in packaging which is intended to showcase the product which is packed inside. These are normally folding cartons either in cardboard or litho-laminated form with PVC or PET film.

  1. Liner Cartons

Liner carton is a revolutionary carton that keeps the nature of the product as it is and thus, it is mainly used for eatables, drinks, powders and semi-solids. For Example- oil, ghee, cheese, milk powder, spices etc.

  1. Corrugated Outers

Corrugated outer cartons are generally used as last packaging form for transportation of goods. The top layer in this type of packaging is always a Printed box [กล่องพิมพ์ลาย, which is the term in Thai] which also helps in the marketing of the brand.

Supply of the Packed materials-

Packaging suppliers 

A comprehensive list of packaging suppliers worldwide and the supported institutions is provided by packaging companies to various institutions where the items are going to get delivered. The capital city is the best source of information on what is available locally and the relative costs of different materials. Orders are not to be placed directly with packaging manufacturers, but on their websites, they have technical information on the range of products that they produce, for example:

∙ Polypropylene, information is given on their website.

∙ Tinplate and tin-free steel cans 

∙ British Glass and other items

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