A Few Misconceptions of a Buying a Condo

There are numerous commonly believed myths regarding the procedure of acquiring a condo that cloud the minds of numerous. Continue reading as we uncover the fact behind a few of amongst the most popular myths regarding purchasing a pre-construction condo.

They’re Not Affordable

The suggestion that the typical specific or couple cannot pay to acquire a condo in midtown is just false. As a matter of fact, acquiring a condominium, in many cases, is an extra inexpensive as well as a preferable choice than an estate home, specifically core. The single-family residence market has become unaffordable which is the fact for markets. That has pressed numerous first-time buyers into the Condo nearby Chatuchak [คอน โด แถว จตุจักร, which is the term in Thai] market, which has in fact ended up being extra budget-friendly for such purchasers because of an abundance of supply.

You’ll Wait, as well as Wait as well as Await Your Condo to Be Prepared

It’s a common idea that if you get a condominium throughout the planning as well as development phases, you’ll age before you even step with the front door of your condo suite. While this can be true, it’s not the standard, particularly if you do your study to ensure you’re buying from a reliable builder with strong performance history.

You Have to Pay A 20% Down payment Simultaneously

A regular deposit for a pre-construction condo collection for buying from a builder is 20% of the purchase rate, a few global customers typically pay 35%. Now, if you’re buying a $500,000 suite, 20% is a substantial portion of the money, specifically simultaneously. The good news is quality, as well as relied-on building contractors, don’t require a round-figure repayment. Instead, settlements are generally expanded over time, occasionally as long as 15 months.