9 Tips To Take Great Care Of Your Shoe

The shoe such as safety shoes which can be gotten from https://www.jtagco.co.th/product/16172/clean-shoes  for example is the most powerful accessory in the production of any look, whether social or casual. After all, new impeccable and well-kept shoes hold your entire look, while worn shoes can break your image in a matter of seconds.

To keep your look always impeccable, you don’t need to buy a shoe a week; you need to take good care of those you already have in your closet. So, to help you, we’ve separated some basic and simple tips to keep your shoes always beautiful; check it out!

1 – Do not wear the same shoe more than once on consecutive days, regardless of its type and style. After all, shoes need to breathe as they absorb the sweat from our feet. Therefore, the next indicated use is within the next 24 hours;

2 – No washing your shoes with water; it spoils any shoe of any material! If you need to clean (it’s always good, ok?), wipe it with a damp cloth. This is true for both women’s and men’s shoes;

3 – Keep the shoe in a dry and ventilated place, without too much sun. Some people think that leaving the shoe in the sun to rest will do well, but leaving the shoe exposed to strong sunlight can spoil it, fade and damage the material.

4 – Do not use any cleaning products, as they can damage your shoes.

5 – Taking the opportunity to talk about cleaning products, a homemade tip is to use baking soda inside the shoes from time to time.

6 – When storing, prefer to put them in boxes (no more stacking without any protection, it will deform all models) and preferably with a wooden mold or paper that comes inside; this helps maintain the shoe’s shape.

7 – Always choose good quality products, prefer to pay a little more as products with durable and resistant materials cost more, but give a thinner face to your model and last much longer.

8 – Some materials, such as suede, require greater and differentiated care, such as the way of use and cleaning, always pay attention to the characteristics of your new pair and how to take care of it (google can help you very well with this)!

9 – Keep the shoelaces clean and in order. If necessary, wash in the washing machine or even with mild soap in the tank. If it fades, frays and tears, don’t hesitate to change it, stop by a store and buy a new one.

If you give the care, your shoe soles and fabric deserve, you can be sure your shoe will last a lot longer. Now that you know tips to take great care of your shoes, you can join your first model with us. Visit our website and see the amazing options we have for you!