9 Tips On How to Properly Care And Maintain Your Car’s Sunroof

Vehicles that have a sunroof as a feature are perfect for driving under sunny weather. Once sunroofs were considered a luxury, but today they can be found in many makes and models. Despite their increasing popularity and availability, a good number of car owners still don’t know how to care for their sunroof.

If you haven’t given the sunroof of your vehicle any TLC or attention at all, here’s what you should do starting today:

1 – Regularly Remove Any Debris

For cars with sunroof removing debris is very important as debris buildup can lead to a clog in the drain tube which in turn will lead to a leak inside the car.

2 – Clean Using Glass Cleaner

Use the same glass cleaner on the sunroof that you use on the car’s windshield. Be careful to avoid using cleaners with ammonia as an ingredient as it can cause damage to the glass during warm weather.

In cases where sunroof glass damage does occur, quickly search for MB auto parts replacement or risk leaving the sunroof open and exposed for an extended period of time.

3 – Gasket And Seal Cleaning

Open the sunroof and wipe the gasket and seal using a clean and damp cloth. Doing this regularly can prevent leaks from happening.

4 – Watch Out For Rocks And Stones

For whatever reason, rocks and stones can sometimes land on the sunroof. Always check for any presence of rocks, stones, and other hard debris and remove them right away or risk breaking the glass.

5 – Test For Leaks

If you suspect there is a sunroof leak, confirm it right away. Simply close the sunroof, pour water and have someone inside look and trace any signs of a leak. Once detected bring the vehicle in for professional inspection and possible MB auto parts replacement.

6 – Be Aware Of Scraping Noises

The moment you open the sunroof and hear scraping noises, stop. This could indicate that debris such as twigs or rocks is scratching the glass and should be removed at once.

7 – Pay Attention To Any Popping Sounds

A more serious sound to listen for is a popping sound from the sunroof. This usually indicates that the glass is about to break or come loose from its position. Bring your vehicle to a professional if you hear this alarming popping sound.

8 – Avoid Parking Under Trees

As mentioned before, debris can do a lot of damage to the sunroof. Avoiding trees will help ensure branches, twigs, and leaves don’t end up causing damage to your car’s sunroof.

9 – Schedule Yearly Detailing

Take your vehicle to the auto shop at least once a year for maintenance and detailing. By sticking to a schedule you can keep up with any problems and issues with your vehicle before it becomes serious.

Enjoy the use of your sunroof during the summer, but don’t forget to also use the feature during the winter and rainy months indoors. Regularly opening the sunroof ensures the gears, seal, and gasket are in optimal condition all year round.

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