6 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away On Vacation

You are planning on a vacation, but you are worried about how you can keep your home safe while you are away. Leaving the lights on all day is no longer an ideal option. Taking a few precautions is necessary to prevent theft. And making your home appear occupied is an effective way. So here are a few tips you can do to ensure home safety while you are away traveling.

Light Timers

The last option you can think of is leaving the lights on for 24 hours to make people feel that someone is home. However, it will be quite suspicious if your house is lit up all day, all night. Consider buying timers for your inside and outside lights. It is better to opt for motion detector lights or smart lighting to control or adjust them remotely.

Install Nest Hello or Ring Pro

Purchasing home security systems like ring video doorbells is the most convenient security option for many. This kind of security system is a good investment. Not only does it provide security, but it’s also very convenient as it will let you see, speak, and listen to people from your phone. The more advanced ones that stand out in the market are Nest Hello and Ring Pro. See the features and comparison of these two devices here Nest Hello vs Ring Pro.

Hold your Mail and Newspaper delivery

Although getting the latest news is now available online, there are still some people who prefer reading newspapers and having it delivered to their houses. Deliveries won’t be notified that you are out of town, and these papers will make a big pile on your driveway, an indication that nobody’s home. The same applies to your mails. You can ask your neighbor or a friend nearby to check these for you or notify the post office to hold your mails until you return.

No Hidden Keys

It’s a common practice for some people to leave a key outside a house – either under the plant pot or small statues. However, this is no longer a good idea compared to a few decades ago. Remember that you are not the only one who leaves a key outside. And it’s probably the first thing that thieves will do – to find your key.

Mow Your Lawn or Shovel your Driveways

Make your house appear being lived in while you are away. An overgrown lawn or garden is a sign that nobody is home and will get the attention of thieves. Get a lawn service or shovel service or hire a neighbor to do it for you.

Avoid posting on Social Media

It may be difficult to do, but this one is quite necessary if you really want to protect your home from intruders. Broadcasting your travel plans is like you are advertising that your home will sit empty. You are never sure who sees your social posts online, especially if you have many friends and followers or have a public profile.

Consider to Hire a House Sitter

If you think you will be gone for a longer time, hiring a house sitter is the best option. Just make sure that it is someone that you completely trust and have known for a long time. A house sitter can take care of almost everything that your house needs- checking your mails and deliveries, mowing the lawn or gardening, and more.