5 Tips For Feeding A Sick Dog

Taking care of a sick dog requires a lot of patience and know-how. Sometimes, all they need is their medicine and some rest, whereas other times, they might need even more care to ensure that they are eating properly to regain their strength and health. Giving your dog the right type of food and ensuring that he is eating properly is the best way to help him get healthy again and we are going to share some useful tips to help you do just that. Let’s get started:

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6 Tips For Feeding A Sick Dog

Provide Healthy Food- you should always provide your dog with the healthiest possible dog food. Look for food that is all natural and high in protein to ensure that he eats a balanced diet.

Offer Small Portions- sick dogs will often refuse to eat and that shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Don’t expect them to eat their normal portion size and try offering them smaller portions until they regain their appetite.

Let Him Eat Grass- when dogs are sick, they will instinctively eat grass. This is because grass offers them the roughage they need to purge their digestive system of toxins. Keep an eye on your dog  to ensure that he isn’t constantly doing this or that he doesn’t eat any plants which might be unsafe for him.

Smell Can Induce Appetite- just as with humans, if we can’t smell our food, it won’t be as appetizing. If your dog has a respiratory problem, he might not be able to smell his food which means that he might not want to eat. Try switching to a dog food that has a much stronger odour to ensure he can smell it and his appetite will grow.

Consult Your Vet- always consult your vet about the best food for a sick dog. Your vet might suggest that you offer your dog energy- and nutrition-dense foods and to avoid foods may not be appropriate for certain dogs or health conditions.

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